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Affirmations for Depression

Affirmations for depression can blow depression out of your life the same way a hurricane blows away the morning mist. Positive affirmations for depression will give you the success you need! Now you can get help for depression.

Depression is the black plague of the 21st century. Huge chunks of the national population are laid low by the debilitating effects of this horrid problem.

Until now the only effective way to succeed in the battle with depression was through mind altering drugs ... Now you can succeed with affirmations for depression combined with brainwave entrainment. Now you can get help for depression and anxiety without drugs.

No one knows how anti-depression drugs really work. Taking them is sort of like throwing a cup of steaming hot coffee down the back of your stereo because for the time being it sounds better. Is that success?

The most popular anti-depression drugs try to increase the levels of serotonin. Depression has been linked to low levels of serotonin. Brainwave entrainment has shown to increase levels of serotonin and other brain chemicals.

Entrainment instead of medication

Affirmations for depression powered by entrainment don't rely on producing or elevating the levels of those chemicals but the fact is that success in defeating depression comes because they do.

Who knows what effect SRI's will have in 30 years time? Who really knows the link between anti-depressants and suicide? These questions need answering. In the meantime, discoveries have been made - into how the brain works and what it is doing in the depressed person...

Entrainment is a completely different, effective, and successful approach to treating depression. It may seem radical to you - but the science behind it is solid and looks very promising.

In scientific circles depression is known as a 'slow-wave' disorder. This is because people with depression tend to have lower Beta waves than those without depression.

Equipment for monitoring brain activity reveals what depression does to a brain. When monitoring equipment is hooked up to depressed people, the results show that the brain of depressive people has a right frontal cortex (the wrinkly part ) that is more active than the left.

Research has discovered a unique brainwave pattern associated with depression - there is too much going on in the right (emotional) half of the brain and not enough going on in the left (logical) half of the brain. This leads to irrational, overly emotive reactions to what would otherwise be a normal situation or circumstance. Succeeding at anything in life will be next to impossible in an overly emotive state.

Changing the balance between the sides of the brain is simple with brainwave entrainment and the benefits are rapid. Combine affirmations for depression with entrainment and success in everyday life will be a dramatic reality for you.

The term clinical depression finds its way into too many conversations these days. One has a sense that a catastrophe has occurred in the psychic landscape.

- Leonard Cohen

Dr. S. Othmer observed that people who suffer depression had brains that were operating for the most part in the alpha and theta bands. The result was a chronic feeling of tiredness or feeling like the walking dead.

Dr. Shealy found that a mere two weeks of entrainment therapy alone was enough to increase serotonin levels and relieve 60% of his subjects out of their depression entirely. Now that's success!

Dr's K. Berg & D. Siever did a study on entrainment and SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) finding that 84% of their test subjects became clinically depression free after their treatment, and 100% experienced a significant reduction in depression.

Their study also showed a reduction in anxiety and over-eating but at the same time their energy and motivation levels increased. Twelve of the participants in the study lost an average of 9.5lbs!!

Entrainment Combined with Affirmations for Depression

Affirmations for depression are like a magic bullet for depression. People with depression caused by high stress levels, high anxiety levels, high insomnia levels, and low energy, respond well to alpha & theta entrainment.

Affirmations for depression combined with entrainment can be effective and a great help for major depression, postpartum depression, clinical depression, teenage depression, chronic depression and occasional depression. If you've been seeking help for depression you have found the solution here.

Affirmations for depression combined with brain wave entrainment can remove depression from your life in an amazingly short time with a very small cost in time and effort.

No one who has suffered the scourge of depression wants to stay in that state and now there is a way out of that state that is effective and drug free. Get your AFRS Depression Crushers right here

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