The difference that a statement can make in the life of a man, woman, or child is nothing short of phenomenal.

Change your mind - change your life!

Affirmations for Prosperity.

Affirmations for prosperity might seem a little like magic. You know -- utter an incantation and before you can say 'abara cadabara' you're rich, rich, rich. If that sounds like a great steaming pile of fertilizer, you're right! There's no such thing as an easy way to get rich and there's no such thing as an easy way to stay rich. Affirmations just don't work that way. Grow Rich Quick schemes are a scam, they make the sellers of the scheme rich and no one else.

However, affirmations do work! And affirmations that focus on prosperity will work too. So then the real question is 'how do affirmations work and how can I utilize affirmations to attain prosperity?'.

To begin with let's take a quick look at what prosperity is:

prosperity : the condition of being successful or thriving;
especially : economic well-being

Ok, so prosperity is being successful, thriving, and enjoying economic well-being. Economic prosperity in this day and age is something that wise people should be interested in. The wisest people are not merely interested -- they are actively pursuing it. The most likely reason you have arrived on this page is because your wisdom has lead you to search and research how you can find prosperity, in particular how you can use affirmations for prosperity. Prosperity, wealth and happiness fit together like a nice, neat little jigsaw puzzle.

We've had a very quick look at prosperity now let's have a look at how affirmations and prosperity link up...

How do Affirmations induce prosperity?

Affirmations for prosperity are not magic but they do work. Here's how:

The simplest explanation is that affirmations program or reprogram your mind. The way you think and what you think will determine the experiences you have in life. You can't do anything about the things that happen to you, but you can do a lot about how you respond to those things. Affirmations for prosperity plant new thought habits in the deepest part of your mind, your subconscious, where they become automatic behaviours. When your behaviours are aligned with the principles that bring prosperity you will experience prosperity. Sounds simple doesn't it? It is. Is it effective? Without a doubt.

Of prosperity mortals can never have enough.

- Aeschylus

Do you want the truth about affirmations? click here. For more information on what affirmations are click here. These two pages should dispel any doubts you may have. Now you can move on to using affirmations...

How can you use affirmations for prosperity?

There is a right and a wrong way of doing most things. Applying affirmations correctly is not a matter of chance. You are about to discover the correct way to apply affirmations without trial and error. For a thorough discussion on how to use affirmations click here. The short summary version is as follows:

Affirmations of any sort must be used when the brain is in the right state. The correct state can be induced by utilizing entrainment, otherwise the best way is to repeat your affirmations right after you wake up, as you drift off to sleep, or during a very relaxed meditation session.

Using affirmations is a discipline. Your success or lack of it is entirely up to you. Embarking on this voyage half heartedly will surely get you nowhere. It's your life - make the most of it.

Affirmations for prosperity can be made by yourself or you can find them by searching on the net. We here at AFRS will soon be offering a unique product that goes far beyond affirmations and includes entrainment which fast forwards the speed at which your subconscious mind absorbs prosperity statements. You can find some free affirmations to print or download here.

Affirmations can be read, written, or listened to. The most effective approach will be the one that utilizes all three. You can put your affirmations on a CD, tape, or MP3. You could even have someone willing to help read them to you. Writing out a few lines everyday will help lock them in your memory and make them easy for your subconscious mind to access. A prosperity life lays before you, it is up to you to take some action and lay hold of what you dream of.

Benefit of Affirmations for Prosperity

Affirmations for prosperity will change you. They will change the way you think, they will change the way you see money. When you start to find yourself prospering, wealth affirmations will be the source of it all. Affirmations for wealth and prosperity is not the same thing as affirmations for money. True wealth and prosperity go far beyond mere money. The proof of this is evidenced by the thousands of lotto winners who within a short time are just as broke as they were before they won. Prosperity is in your mind. Program your mind and you will find that prosperity will come to you.


Affirmations are an astoundingly effective tool for your success toolbox. Affirmations combined with entrainment will get you there faster than any other technology available. Check back here soon as we will have AFRS Prosperity Affirmations available for purchase.

In mean time you can go from affirmations for prosperity to entrainment theory to see just how amazing this technology really is!

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