The difference that a statement can make in the life of a man, woman, or child is nothing short of phenomenal.

Change your mind - change your life!

Affirmations for Children

Affirmations for children can radically alter the course of a human life. Have you ever cheered yourself up or encouraged yourself by intentionally engaging in positive self-talk? Most people have done this at one time or another, taking the part of a positive coach, mentor, or cheer leader in order to achieve a goal or overcome some challenge.

This self talk is nothing more than positive affirmations in action. Positive thoughts, optimistic self-talk will spur you on to your goal with determination and speed. Our inner talk, our mental chatter has a decided effect on our lives. What we think, our attitudes, our beliefs, our dominant thought creates who we are.

Combine these attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs with emotion or brainwave entrainment and they become expressed in our physical reality almost instantaneously. This concept is especially true of affirmations for children as well as adults. Thoughts tend to flow in unity -- one negative thought leads to another which leads to another and so on. The opposite is also true -- one positive thought leads to another and another and so on.

Create positive mental habits in your children

Children are very responsive to guidance and training from responsible adults. When children become frustrated, angry, or decide to sulk, gently encouraging them to use positive affirmations for children and a bit of creative visualization will quickly make their minds change gears and focus on what they want rather than what has happened or what they don't want. Helping them to change their thoughts to positive, optimistic ones will create thought patterns and habits that will serve them well throughout their lives.

The best way to teach positive affirmations for children to kids is by modeling them.  Show them, demonstrate how to do it by the self-talk you generate. Encourage and affirm yourself when you're busy around the house. They will follow suit. After all, monkey see, monkey do.

Children make your life important.

- Erma Bombeck

Children love to hear praise and statements of positive worth. They love to be told how good they are or how special they are. They lap it up, especially when it is from people they respect. The more children are exposed to positive affirming statements the more they will incorporate affirmations into their own universe. Eventually they can learn to use affirmations with the intention to create positive outcomes for themselves.

Parenting with Affirmations

Children wear their hearts on their sleeves. When kids get upset it is clear to everyone near them. These emotions, just like positive emotions, are caused by what they are thinking. Thoughts like 'Everyone hates me', or 'I'm such a loser', usually manifest as thoughts rather than mental images. They have an inner voice, just like adults hear - a voice telling them things like 'you're going to fail', 'you're stupid and ugly'. You can help your children develop their self-esteem and their self confidence by using the power of affirmations for children.

The secret is to teach them how they can change the negative chatter in their minds by using positive affirmations.

What about you?

If the predominant thoughts of your inner talk are negative and self abusive you will not succeed in modeling positive self talk to your children. You can embark on a program of positive change and take your children along with you. Learn how to change and manage your own mind and lead your children by example.

Teach your children well...

Passing it on...

Children learn well by using the metaphor method. Use something they understand and apply it to affirmations. For instance, you could compare their mind to a computer that records every thought they think in a movie file. No matter what it is, good, bad, or ugly, it is recorded. Then tell them that when something happens in the present that is similar to something that has happened in the past, the old movie is played and reviewed to see how to respond.

Let your children know that we can't do anything about what has happened in the past, but we can change the way we respond to the situation. We change the way to respond by programming our mind with positive affirmations. Eventually the old movie gets overwritten with a new movie which produces new behaviour. Your children will be excited as they realize the truth and the power available to them by changing their thoughts. You can encourage them to practice it in many circumstances.

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