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Hemispheric Synchronization

Hemispheric synchronization is a technical term that has a simple meaning.

Hemisphere means half of a sphere. In this case it is referring to half of your brain. Synchronization means that two systems are working in unison.

The two halves of your brain - left and right - are connected by the corpus callosum. The right side of your brain is responsible for emotions and creative work. The left side of your brain deals with logic, reason, and language.

Both sides of the brain are equally active but one side may do more than the other at certain times or perhaps predominantly more as in the case of depression where the right side is busier than the left.

Two Halves

When both sides of the brain are working at similar levels the person is generally successful, happy, healthy, and optimistic. People who pray, meditate, or who are very content with their lives have both halves of their brains working in harmony. They have brain synchronization.

Through the use of EEG's scientists have discovered that emotionally unstable people and those with mental health issues usually have un-synchronized brains. That is one half of the brain is working more than the other.

Since the discovery of hemispheric synchronization and what it means to mental health, it has become something highly valued and looked for. There are companies who specialize in nothing more than synchronizing the hemispheres of the brain.

When the student is ready....

- Buddhist Proverb


While brain synchronization is always a good thing to have, it should not be an end in itself. Synchronization should simply be a part of your success, self-help, self-improvement program.

The reason for this is that although hemispheric synchrony is a part of good health, it is not the miracle cure that some less than scrupulous salesmen would have you believe.

Simply put -- an un-synchronized brain is not the cause of every mental problem. On top of that, the methods used to bring a brain back into harmony in the cases of extreme un-synchronization (like major clinical depression) are not as easy or as simple as using something as elementary as binaural beats.

How to attain Brain Synchronization

Brainwave entrainment produces Hemispheric synchronization. In the early `80's scientists discovered that visual entrainment in the 'alpha' range created hemispheric synchrony. The studies were done on over 5000 patients. Another study was done with audio entrainment using EEG equipment to monitor the results.

These studies concluded that by creating hemispheric synchronization, entrainment can lead to greater intellectual functioning of the brain.

Electrical stimulation, motion systems, acoustic field generators and even isolation tanks can increase hemispheric symmetry as seen by EEG.

Affirmations with entrainment kicks it up a notch by providing stimulation in such a way to correct synchronization problems in the brain. Do you want success? Try affirmations with entrainment.

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