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Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave entrainment has to do with the brain's electrical response to rhythmic sense stimulation. Your success will be radical when you use it.

Brainwave entrainment, is also known as Brain wave Synchronization.

Brainwave Synchronization is when the speed of the brain's natural brain waves change and become synchronized with the strongest external stimulus. This is somewhat different than 'hemispheric synchronization'. Hemispheric synchroniztion is a state where both hemispheres of the brain are working at the same brainwave frequency.


Your Brain & Brainwave Entrainment

Your brain is made of zillions of specialized cells called 'neurons'. Like all cells, neurons use electricity to communicate with each other. When zillions of brain cells all start communication with each other the result is a huge amount of electrical activity.

Scientists can detect this activity using sensitive medical equipment like an EEG. (Electroencephalogram) You don't have to know how an EEG operates , but it helps to know what it does. When an EEG measures all this electrical activity it can detect a pattern. The pattern is cyclic and if you were to draw it, you would see a wave pattern like this:


The very useful part of this information is that along with the discovery of brain waves came the discovery that electric activity in the brain will change depending on what you are doing. For example the picture above represents what your brain waves look like when you're awake. When you are asleep they look much different.

Modern technology is getting very close to finding out exactly what the various brain waves mean and what they can tell us about a person's health and state of mind.


Brainwaves & Brainwave Entrainment

Below is a chart that shows some brainwaves and describes the typical mental states associated with them.

Brain waves
Wave Frequency Mental State
12Hz - 38Hz

Alert, focused mental state. This is the state that most people are in during the bulk of their waking hours. Self programming techniques at this level is not effective, since the subconscious mind is not easily accessible.

Beta wave stimulation can have a massive impact on intelligence, mood, emotional stability and other mental states. This state can be induced to increase focus and train the brain to study and learn.

The closer to the top of this frequency range the more likely the person will be to feeling anxious and wired.

8Hz - 12Hz

Awake but very relaxed. Not processing any information. This is the state most people are in when driving along a freeway, gazing at a candle or a lava lamp, or 'in a stare'.

This is the state you are in upon awakening in the morning or while daydreaming

It is this state where the vividness of visualization techniques are enhanced and where the mind is very receptive to suggestion and programming.

3Hz - 8Hz

Close to sleep, or in a hypnogogic (trance) state. No information is being processed the eyes are closed.

Theta is also known as the 'hyper-suggestible state where mental programming and recorded suggestions are most effective. This is an ideal state for brainwave entrainment.

Delta 0.2Hz - 3Hz

Deep, dreamless sleep. This is the slowest of all brain waves. This is the place when the body is healing itself. Complete unconsciousness.

Because it is very difficult to entrain the brain below 2Hz this state is not recommended for brainwave entrainment.

Some people find that this state helps with meditation and of course - sleep.

38Hz - 70Hz

A gamma wave is a pattern of brain waves, associated with an elevated state of sensory activity and an acute state of awareness.

Some think that gamma bursts in the brain are related to those 'eureka' moments of discovery.

People exposed to this level of entrainment often feel agitated, nervous and anxious.

Important Note:

On your journey to radical success, you need to know that not only do brain waves represent a mental state, but...

...they can be stimulated to change your mental state.

This knowledge will have a profound effect on how you approach your program for success. When you use brainwave entrainment and hit the right brain wave pattern for your intended goal your results will be next to instant, and massive. Brain entrainment is the latest, scientific, effective tool available for personal growth and self help.


How Brainwave Entrainment works

When the brain receives a stimulus, it responds by emitting an electrical charge. Medical, scientific folks call this a cortical evoked response. These responses travel through your brain and are interpreted to become what you see, hear, feel, smell and taste. When the brain is confronted with a rhythmic stimulus like a drum beat, the rhythm is reproduced in the brain in the form of electrical currents or brain waves.

If the stimulus gets close to the naturally occurring brain waves it starts to resemble those naturally occurring brain waves. When this happens the brain responds by synchronizing its own electric cycles to the same rhythm. Scientists call this phenomenon Frequency Following Response (FFR) or brainwave entrainment.

So what? What does all this science stuff have to do with success?

Well here's the kicker, brain waves are very closely related to mental state. For example -

A 4Hz sound pattern will cause your brain to try to synchronize with a 4Hz FFR. If you look at the table above you will see that 4Hz is the sleep brain wave. A continuous 4Hz external stimulus will put you to sleep! This same concept can be applied to all mental states including concentration, creativity, meditation, and so on.

We already know that affirmations are THE single most effective way of reprogramming your mind. We also know that certain brain states are excellent for programming but others are not. With Brainwave entrainment you are in the drivers seat. You can control what state your brain is in. You can open the door to radical, life changing, success oriented affirmations.

Are you having trouble understanding all this stuff about brainwave entrainment? The theory is complicated but you will understand it better once you have read through this simplified explanation.

The two senses that supply the strongest rhythmic stimulus to the brain are hearing and sight. Light and sound.

Brainwave entrainment happens out there in the world whether or not you are aware of it. Drumming, chanting, as well as staring at a fire or a flame, are ways that people experience it, although they are generally not aware of what is happening to them.

Crowds at a rock concert, people engaged in a deep conversation, being "on the same page" also show how brain waves can entrain or tune in to certain frequencies.

Now you can use brainwave entrainment to entrain your brain to success frequencies.

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